Delivery Team(s)

The Delivery Team(s) service is the leadership, high-performance execution and delivery of items on your product roadmap by our self-sufficient delivery teams. Our responsibility does not end until you are satisfied by the end result. Our “Delivery Team” is a pool of experts (with roles: developer, QA automation engineer, product manager, and sometimes others) that will be iteratively executing to achieve the desired outcome.


Transparent software development with our delivery teams


We'll extend your dev team with one or more of our self-sufficient delivery teams that will work alongside your dev teams or take over all the development process enhancing the quality and speed of the product delivery within predefined timeframes.

An important element of our delivery team is the structure. There is always one experienced leader who plays the role of Tech Lead and is responsible for a team, engineers that develop the product and there are QA Automation engineers. Each team has a product manager and, depending on the number of teams, a scrum master.


Teams execute on autopilot according to proven principles and approaches, providing transparent reporting based on results and performance metrics. We are very proud of our straightforward and outcome-oriented working process (proven by results delivered in multiple companies and happy team members all over the world) that allows us to release and deploy changes to production at scale with minimal risk.

Transparency. Accountability. Strong work ethic.

Continuously communicate.
We care about what we build.
We guarantee the outcomes we've committed to.
Quality is everyone's responsibility.


Guarantee successful and progressive delivery without risk thanks to our leadership

We focus on long-term cooperation, therefore we provide much more than just custom software development. We believe that working code is not enough. That's why we advise our clients on a strategic level and manage delivery teams throughout the entire process of working on your product. Leading teams, we guarantee the expected results. This approach allows our teams to perform at a higher level than others do.

WhatThen (Old way of working)Now (Brilliant way of working)
Engineering teamExternal team, but internal operationsOur team, and our leadership. You get an outcome-oriented team to deliver your product
Ways of workingSequential "pre-define everything I need to do" type of workCollaborative outcome focused work
Cross-team integrationWorking in silosTeams are aligned on product vision, tech strategy and ways of working
DeliveryBased on hard dates and release calendarContinuous delivery. Separate product launches from code releases
Release frequencyHandful of releases per monthMultiple times a day
Product strategyLong-term roadmap drivenStrategic, business objective and outcome driven
Product launchOnly when product is FULLY ready (hint: it's never fully ready)Continuous. Launch of product is NOT your starting point. It happens much earlier in the flow
Bug detectionBy customersDetecting issues automatically before customers notice
TestingRelease-basedContinuous automated testing as part of deployment pipeline

Stages of work


Data gathering

Gathering the necessary information that relates to the product concept. Interviews with stakeholders and key team members.

  • Data gathering
  • Audit to assess the current situation
  • Recommendation with next steps


Define solution

Solution presentation which describes the basic idea, requirements and technical rationale for the feasibility of the product.


Architecture sprint

Align senior product and engineering leadership on architecture and approach.


PoC development

Demonstration and detailed walkthrough of the codebase, deployment artifacts, development environment, development workflow, and demonstrations of adding new functionality.


Work with product manager to define roadmap

Definition of the most important features for the scope of the implementation.



Our development process consists of:

  • Development in 2-week sprints with reviews after sprint end
  • Bi-weekly Sprint Planning, Retrospective and Sprint Review
  • Weekly backlog grooming - product selects several user stories for discussion. Dev team has a discussion on how to implement and capture implementation details as part of Tech Notes
  • Daily stand-ups - every day, each scrum team member gives his status update
  • Bi-weekly Portfolio Review when necessary
  • Continuous delivery to production as features getting ready (multiple times a day)

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