How We Work: the Brilliant Consulting Way

Combining the industry’s best practices and years of business experience, we have come up with a unique way of building relationships with our clients. As your consulting partner first and foremost, we’re focused on helping you get things done and advance in your venture one step at a time. And software development here is only the tip of our capabilities iceberg.


Our Foundations

On every step, you get a regular update to make informed decisions on what to do next.





Strategic Advisory
Ongoing Delivery


Discovery is our first step that involves active communication with your team, careful studying of your problem, and considering wide variety of approaches to tackling it.

At this stage, we gather and analyze the necessary data, come up with a product vision stating its benefits and purposes, and develop a plan to solve your problem.


A document listing what we learned about your problem and suggesting the objectives along with key results to address it according to your requirements.


For new initiatives

A high-level execution plan with estimates based on the product’s agreed scope, assumptions and constraints.

Tech Audit

For existing products

Points out the weak and blind points of the existing solution and identify areas for further involvement.



Simplicity is the end result of long, hard work, not the starting point.

Frederick Maintland

In Brilliant Consulting, we seek innovation to find a shortest path to create value, a better way to meet and exceed user expectations, finally, a new method to outrun existing competitors.

Once the strategic plan is approved, we prepare detailed documents explaining how to provide a solution or transform your business according to your goals.

We innovate in

Tech Implementation

Obtain a technological advantage over competitors with an innovative way of solving business problems.

Product Strategy

Have a clear plan for building your product step by step, with deadlines, dependencies and requirements for each milestone.


A set of documents outlining the business, architectural, and technical requirements for the solution you want and a detailed instruction on meeting them.

Product Roadmap

A sequence of business outcomes to achieve in order to reach your goals.

Tech Approach

A document explaining the tools and processes to building the product at the fastest pace and with minimal risks.

Architecture Doc

A blueprint showing how the architecture of the product looks like to ensure evolutionary path of development, product's scalability, and cost-effective path for growth.



When everything's uncertain, your plans are subject to change.

Alex Kurkin

To start the actual work on the project, you'll want to make sure your teams are aligned, processes are set up, and risks are mitigated.

Advisory is the ongoing process of providing leadership support throughout your project to ensure that everything is done according to the schedule and previous agreements.

We Advise in

Team Alignment

To achieve high velocity, development teams need to follow a set of practices helping them to stay aligned.

Approach Design

To get a sustainable and predictable outcome, you’ll need to define and follow a strategy in everything you do.

Process Management

Communication. Design. Engineering. Testing. Launch. Operating. Iterate. We’ll help you manage all of that.



Project supervision during the execution stage that ensures regular and feasible deliveries (such as design iterations, product updates, or outcomes achieved) according to the roadmap.


From BC with a focus on performance, transparency, and risk reduction.

Alex Kurkin

The Delivery team might act as an extension of your in-house team to boost its performance or as an autonomous team for roadmap-driven work.

Team Structure

Tech Lead

Senior development talent responsible for the deliveries of the team. Technology partner to a Product Manager.

Developers and QA Automation engineers

The core of the team writing the code of the product and testing it.

Product Manager

Partner of the Tech Lead. Runs initiatives end to end and ensures outcomes are achieved and value is created for end users.



A risk-free and transparent delivery of the initiative with practices like sprint retrospectives and backlog grooming for early risk mitigation and sticking to the plan.

So How Do We Work In The Essence?


Alex Kurkin

While others are focused on software delivery, we believe it’s only the last mile of the whole process. Our focus is to think through all the possible risks, downfalls, gaps, and bottlenecks and build up necessary processes before the execution stage starts. That’s how the more you work with us, the more value you get and the more committed we are to your product. And bringing value is what we’re brilliant at.