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Initially, we wanted a team to help us redo our mobile app and website. But Brilliant teams did much more than that. They collaborated on the tech strategy, aligned our senior tech leadership on the application architecture, and convinced us to go with a cutting-edge stack of technologies. As of now, Brilliant teams continue to work on our strategic initiative and keep bringing tremendous long-term value to our company.

Neil Markey

Neil Markey

Former CIO, Deem

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Global team tailored to your goals

Our in-house team is complemented by our talent network of world-class engineers. We build the perfect team for your exact goals. At no additional cost to you.


Development in line with expectations

We clearly explain what you can expect from the team at every stage of development. This includes things like how long something will take to complete, how much it will cost and which roles should be engaged.

Reliable engineering partnership

Our tenets are transparent execution throughout the development process and engagement until the work is done.


Proven and battle-tested action plan

Over the past 10 years we developed remote native system of work that we successfully applied throughout all of our initiatives. This helped tens of business owners and tech executives have a peace of mind when it comes to product delivery and running dev teams.

How to think of us

We are a high-performing remote native software development agency. We manage everything from strategy to delivery.

Who we are

Engineering leaders and engineers that provide predictable quality. We guarantee you the outcomes that we committed to.


Join startups and enterprises that trust Brilliant to launch new technology initiatives.

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