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Team Brilliant is a knowledge-based team that helps architect and build digital products that impact the lives of people, making the world a better place for all.
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Why do we choose Temporal ?

Temporal is the ultimate platform for building and running mission-critical distributed applications. With its open-source, cloud-native, and scalable architecture, Temporal has quickly become the go-to choice for businesses looking to increase their development efficiency and reduce operational overhead.
Simplifies development
Reduces operational overhead
Enables rapid iteration
Multiple programming languages

Simplifies development

With a simple programming model and easy-to-use workflow execution engine, developers can focus on writing business logic rather than dealing with complex infrastructure tasks. This streamlined approach to development leads to increased productivity, faster time-to-market, and reduced development costs.

Reduces operational overhead

With Temporal, you can eliminate much of the operational overhead associated with building and running distributed systems. Temporal handles many of the challenging tasks, such as distributed coordination, fault tolerance, and scaling, so you don't have to.

Enables rapid iteration

Temporal's decoupled architecture enables teams to iterate quickly on different components of the application independently. This means you can update or change parts of the application without affecting the rest of the system.

Supports multiple programming languages

We focus on the TypeScript SDK, but Temporal supports multiple programming languages, including Java, Go, and Python, which allows teams to use the language that best suits their needs.

How do we work?

Remove risk friction & costs

Reduce complexity, making it easier to deliver your project. Deep knowledge and experience with Temporal provide peace of mind that you are getting the best team.

Shared objectives

We leverage our depth of expertise, architecting the best digital product outcome for our customers – we then provide the right ‘autonomous’ team to deliver the outcome. We take responsibility, we deliver on our promises. It’s personal. A promise is a promise.

Deep understanding of your business

Real understanding (IQ & EQ) of your business and technological prowess. We believe in process and people, like strategy and execution you need both to succeed. We structure our processes around our clients’ needs and deliver relentlessly.

Partnership of equals

We’re driven to exceed our clients’ expectations and to make their dreams of beautiful digital products come to life.

What are our values?


Everything we do is delivered brilliantly.


We will never give up. Not ever.

Do the right thing

Even when it’s hard.


We are students of technology and human behavior.

Do vs. talk

We think actions are better than words.

A promise is a promise

We deliver what we say we will.

We believe that technology can make the world a better place
for everyone
by exceeding clients’ expectations, with our secret recipe for client-centricity.

Initially, we wanted a team to help us redo our mobile app and website. But Brilliant teams did much more than that. They collaborated on the tech strategy, aligned our senior tech leadership on the application architecture, and convinced us to go with a cutting-edge stack of technologies. As of now, Brilliant teams continue to work on our strategic initiative and keep bringing tremendous long-term value to our company.
Neil Markey
Neil Markey
CIO, Deem

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