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You get a leader that works at the intersection of business, product and technology. We can manage everything from tech strategy to delivery.

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Alex helped me focus on my strategic goals instead of managing day to day of the product delivery. He introduced software development practices that allowed our engineering teams to gain development velocity never achieved before.

Neil Markey

Neil Markey

Former CIO, Deem

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Proven and battle-tested action plan

Over the past 10 years we developed remote native system of work that we successfully applied throughout all of our initiatives. This helped tens of business owners and tech executives have a peace of mind when it comes to product delivery and running dev teams.


Fractional is “Efficient and Effective”

Fractional means we are working with a handful of entrepreneurs and businesses at the same time. It is in our best interest to ensure your tech organization is running on auto-pilot and work gets done on time.

Turn a fixed cost into variable

Searching, vetting and hiring a right CTO is an expensive and loooooong process. Don’t risk leaving your team without a reliable leader that will ensure your deliverables are on track. When you’ve hired a CTO we do a graceful transition and hand-off to the new CTO or we transition to being an advisor to CTO.


We guarantee you the outcomes that we committed to

We are confident we can help you. If we committed to something, but you don’t see results and don’t like how things are going - no strings attached.

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Alex Kurkin

Fractional CTO

fractional CTO

Andrii Gikalo

Fractional CTO

Your other options

If you’re thinking about engaging a Fractional CTO but still evaluating other options, here are some of the closest alternatives:

Hire a full-time CTO

Hiring a CTO will undoubtedly bring the necessary benefits to your product and business. In most cases, you will have to hire a full-time CTO. But the process of finding the right CTO can take a very long time. If your business can't wait and needs immediate tech leadership, then the best solution is to choose the Fractional CTO service.

Engage other executives (CEO, COO etc)

In the short term, involving other executives in your staff, such as CEO or COO brings level of leadership to technology organization. However, what we’ve seen in reality is that these leaders get stretched too thin because now they have to take on 2 times more work. Often in a domain different from domain of their core expertise. This is why it makes sense to hire Fractional CTO to work in alignment with existing company leadership and take care of technology organization.

Hire a consultant to solve tactical problems

Sometimes it happens that you require just one tactical solution to achieve a result. Why not hire a consultant with precisely defined statement of work. In some cases, this is a good solution. However usually tactical solutions are just tip of the iceberg. As soon as you discover that there’s a larger problem to tackle you need guidance and tech leadership to stop leaking resources for solving a tactical problem. This is where Fractional CTO can help create higher-level vision and strategy for your organization. This holistic approach sets you up for success.


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